The viewing tower with vedutas of Přerov from the years 1593 - 1940

veduty města Přerova na zámecké věžiThe tower of the château was increased to 43 metres during reconstruction in the year 1997 and equipped with a conic roof according to plans by the architect Jiří Malý. 72 stairs lead up to a steel gallery with a view through four rectangular viewing windows. When the weather cooperates, there is an interesting view not only of the historical centre of Přerov, but also of the industrial structures in the town.

The surfaces of the walls between the windows were supplied with framed and tinted enlarged  vedutas depicting views of the town of Přerov over the years 1593 (the oldest veduta by Jan Willenberger) up to 1940 (a drawn view by Augustin Mervart of the Přerov Château). Several preserved stone, first and foremost, sandstone construction architectural items (window jambs, stone coats-of-arms and the torso of gravestones) from the museum lapidarium are also exhibited in the tower.

The spaces of the château, used by the Town government of Přerov, can also be included amongst the exhibitions of the Comenius Museum. They are supplied with works of art from the collectible funds of the Museum and can be visited upon request when accompanied by a guide if and when the operations of the space allow for a tour.