School classrooms from the period of the First Republic (1918 - 1938)

školní třída z doby 1. republikyThe exhibitions demonstrate Czech town schools (from the 6th to the 8th year of school attendance) equipped with period furniture and equipment, textbooks and didactic aids.

A painting of the first Czechoslovak President T. G. Masaryk hangs on the front wall next to the board and a statue of Masaryk by the sculptor Josef Baják situated in the niche to the left. The national symbol, a painting with symbols of the lands of the Czechoslovak Republic and the motto “From Šumava to the Tatras” are hung on the walls along with a map of the Czechoslovak Republic including Ruthenia, contoured maps by the Ostrava company Falco and didactic paintings recalling events linked with the emergence of Czechoslovakia and legionaries. The wood benches are designated for two pupils and are attached to the floor. They have fixed seats and a separate back rest only in the final row (pupils would lean back against the bench behind them in the other rows) and a slanted writing desk. A groove for storing pencils and pens is situated in the upper edge of the bench along with an opening for an ink pot. Examples of period textbooks are placed on the benches. School aids by the Prague company Logia along with other smaller companies are situated in the large glazed cupboard.