School classrooms from the 1950s

třída z 50. let 20. stol. s obrazem Gottwalda a StalinaThe classroom is equipped as a small rural classroom of the national schools. The national symbol from the period of the People's Republic of Czechoslovakia and portraits of two politicians, the Czechoslovak President Klement Gottwald and a representative of the Soviet Union Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin are situated on the front wall with a two sectioned black board. 

třída z 50. let 20. stoletíThe celebratory slogan declaring friendship with the Soviet Union and a quote by Vladimir Iljich Lenin “Learn, learn, learn!” are situated on the walls along with a school wall map of the country, paintings recalling the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Red Army in the year 1945 and Victorious February 1948, as well as a complete collection of school didactic paintings of the Living Alphabet which were published in the year 1953. A Pioneer corner with Pioneer symbolism is located in the right corner of the room (flag, banner, drum and trumpet).

živá abecedaThe noticeboard contains information on the organisation of volunteer activities for children (collections, cleaning, agricultural help). In the middle of the classrooms are benches with cast-iron sides and with fold-up seats while the work place for the teacher is in the front with a large abacus next to it on a stand along with a sink and a jug of water. Examples of period textbooks of various subjects are distributed on the benches.