School classrooms from the 17th century (from the period of Comenius)

třída z doby J.A.Komenského

The exposition cycle of historical reconstructions of school classrooms serves to illustrate in an interesting fashion the various periods of the development history of schools and teaching in the Czech lands. The installations of period school classrooms make rich use of “the school” collections of the Comenius Museum focused on school furniture, school aids, school wall paintings, maps and textbooks. 

třída z doby J.A.KomenskéhoThe installations of classrooms from the 17th century were reconstructed in accordance with period paintings of school buildings, in particular in accordance with Comenius's treatises Orbis pictus and Vestibulum. The wood floor, wooden beamed ceiling, wooden doors and a copy of a Renaissance white-green glazed tiled wood stove contribute to the authenticity of an evocation of the period classrooms. 

třída z doby J.A.KomenskéhoA long wooden table, benches and a pulpit for the teacher are situated in the rooms. The walls have teaching aids: a board with musical notation from Comenius' Lullabies, Comenius' map of Moravia, didactic paintings, sun dials and quotes from the Bible of Kralice.