Memorial to John Amos Comenius

památník J.A. KomenskéhoIn the middle of the room on the 1st floor of the southern wing of the château is a plaster model of a statue of J. A. Comenius by Vladimír Navrátil, with a glass urn next to it containing soil from the place of Comenius' final rest Naarden in the Netherlands. 

The Vallon chapel in Naarden is also recalled by copies of reliefs by Jaroslav Horejc depicting the life pilgrimage of Comenius. A corner glass case has exhibited a copy of "A Marriage Register" which is open to the page with the record of the wedding vows between Comenius and Magdalena Vizovská from 19th June 1618th. Another item is a plaster model of the monument to J. A. Comenius by the sculptor Tomáš Seidan, a teacher at the Prague Technical School. This monument which is currently located in front of the church of the Czech Brethren in Přerov on Čapky Drahlovského street was unveiled in Přerov in the year 1874 and is the oldest monument to Comenius in the world. In the surrounding rooms are other works of art depicting the person of Comenius. These consist of a a plaster model of a sculpture of J. A. Comenius by Jan Štursa and a newer statue by Igor Kitzberger: Standing Comenius.