expozice EntomologieThe natural science collections, housed on the 2nd floor of the Přerov Château, serve to document the high level of private collecting in Přerov in the first half of the 20thcentury. The form of the installation of the items in period display cases as the well as the approach to classroom content into a typological order faithfully reflect the level of museum science of the time.

expozice EntomologieThe founder of the entomology exhibition was the Přerov native, teacher and entomologist Ladislav Hudeček (1872-1941) who partially dedicated and partially sold his life-long collection to the Town Museum in the year 1927. The exhibition represents an impressive cross-section of the the most common groups of invertebrate animals, insects. The collection has gathered 22,433 specimens with more than 9,000 species of insects from throughout the world which are housed in 114 glass entomological boxes in all. The majority of them, 67 boxes, are dedicated to both domestic and foreign butterflies, with the greatest treasures being the tropical ones with amazing colours. All the families of beetles are represented among the exhibited items. Also of particular interest is the development cycle of butterflies, from their eggs up to a mature adult, including the nutritious plants.