Permanent exhibitions

The majority of the halls in the Přerov Château are made use of by the Comenius Museum for their long-term installed exhibitions which cover almost 1,200 square metres of space. The use of the château building for museum exhibition spaces has a tradition back to the year 1906 when two rooms on the first floor were made use of by the Town Museum. Extensive reconstruction of the château building, the interiors of which were adapted for museum purposes by decision of the town council, took place over the years 1927-1931. The exhibitions came about over a time period from the 1930s up to the year 2000 with its state and level corresponding to the period scientific knowledge and installation approaches and also reflecting the general development of Czech museum science.

The Ethnography of Haná and the Záhoří

expozice Národopis Hané a ZáhoříThe largest exhibition room is dedicated to the area of central Haná and portrays folk customs over the course of the calendar year from spring to winter by means of folk costumes and traditional items. more


expozice EntomologieThe natural science collections, housed on the 2nd floor of the Přerov Château, serve to document the high level of private collecting in Přerov in the first half of the 20thcentury. The form of the installation of the items in period display cases as the well as the approach to classroom content into a typological order faithfully reflect the level of museum science of the time. more


expozice MineralogieExposition named collection of minerals counting 2358 items was acquired for museum in the period 1935-1939. It was created by Ing. Alois Němec (1886-1959). He was a director of Central Moravian power station in Přerov. more

The mystery of the tone of the bells

Vyhlídková věžAn exhibition presenting the bell workshop of Marie Tomášková-Dytrychová from Brodek near Přerov is housed on the 3rd and 4th floors of the château tower. 23 historical bells from the Czech Lands, Slovakia and Hungary, originating from the campanological collections, purchased from Marie Tomášková-Dytrychová, are located on the two floors of the tower. more

The viewing tower with vedutas of Přerov from the years 1593 - 1940

veduty města Přerova na zámecké věžiThe tower of the château was increased to 43 metres during reconstruction in the year 1997 and equipped with a conic roof according to plans by the architect Jiří Malý. 72 stairs lead up to a steel gallery with a view through four rectangular viewing windows. When the weather cooperates, there is an interesting view not only of the historical centre of Přerov, but also of the industrial structures in the town. more

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