Permanent exhibitions

The majority of the halls in the Přerov Château are made use of by the Comenius Museum for their long-term installed exhibitions which cover almost 1,200 square metres of space. The use of the château building for museum exhibition spaces has a tradition back to the year 1906 when two rooms on the first floor were made use of by the Town Museum. Extensive reconstruction of the château building, the interiors of which were adapted for museum purposes by decision of the town council, took place over the years 1927-1931. The exhibitions came about over a time period from the 1930s up to the year 2000 with its state and level corresponding to the period scientific knowledge and installation approaches and also reflecting the general development of Czech museum science.

Přerov Archeology

The exhibition is situated in the the six rooms of the late Gothic basement space and the southern wing of the château. It was made accessible to the public in the year 2000 and acquaints visitors with the archaeological finds within the territory of the Přerov region (including the well-known site of “mammoth hunters” in Předmostí near Přerov) from the early Stone Age up to the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the early Modern Period at the turn of the 16th century. more

School classrooms from the 17th century (from the period of Comenius)

třída z doby J.A.Komenského

The exposition cycle of historical reconstructions of school classrooms serves to illustrate in an interesting fashion the various periods of the development history of schools and teaching in the Czech lands. The installations of period school classrooms make rich use of “the school” collections of the Comenius Museum focused on school furniture, school aids, school wall paintings, maps and textbooks.  more

School classrooms and offices for town schools from the period of Austria-Hungary

The first room consists of an installed natural science school lab from the turn of the 20th century.  more

School classrooms from the period of the First Republic (1918 - 1938)

školní třída z doby 1. republikyThe exhibitions demonstrate Czech town schools (from the 6th to the 8th year of school attendance) equipped with period furniture and equipment, textbooks and didactic aids. more

School classrooms from the 1950s

třída z 50. let 20. stol. s obrazem Gottwalda a StalinaThe classroom is equipped as a small rural classroom of the national schools. The national symbol from the period of the People's Republic of Czechoslovakia and portraits of two politicians, the Czechoslovak President Klement Gottwald and a representative of the Soviet Union Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin are situated on the front wall with a two sectioned black board.  more

Memorial to John Amos Comenius

památník J.A. KomenskéhoIn the middle of the room on the 1st floor of the southern wing of the château is a plaster model of a statue of J. A. Comenius by Vladimír Navrátil, with a glass urn next to it containing soil from the place of Comenius' final rest Naarden in the Netherlands.  more

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