Dr. Jiljí Sitko

Parasitologist, administration of parasitological collection.

Consultant for master thesis for ornithology and parasitology at Charles University in Prague, Mendel University in Brno, Palacký University in Olomouc and Southern Bohemian University in České Budějovice.

Membership in scientific societies, in editorial teams and commissions:

  • 1996 – Member of scientific council at Palacky University in Olomouc
  • 1972 – 1986 Member of the committee of Czechoslovakian Ornithological Society and editorial team of journal Sylvia
  • 1985 – 2009 Member of editorial team of Journal of Silesian Terrene Museum in Opava
  • 1993 – Member of scientific council of Museum Nový Jičín

Research concentrated on:

helmints in birds, oology, birds´ ringing, ornithology in museum


  • Diversity, phylogenetic relations and evolutionary cycles in liver flukes (Digenea), cause of animal and man diseases
  • Liverflukes in fish-eating birds, and their impact on bird’s health.
  •  Liverflukes in Passerines living in natural and urban habitats of Czech Republic, and their effect on mortality in birds.


Publications in parasitology:

  •  Ryšavý B.& Sitko J. 1992: Tapeworms (Cestoda) of birds from Moravia (Czech and Slovak Federal Republic).  Acta Sc. Nat. Brno 26: 1-93.
  •  Sitko J.,  Faltýnková A. & Scholz T. 2006: Checklist of the Trematodes (Digenea) of birds of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republics. Academia Praha, 111 pp.
  •  Kalisinska E., Rzad I., Sitko J., Kavetska K.M. Krolaczyk K. & Budis H., 2008: Digenea of Haliaeetus albicilla (Linaeus, 1758) and  Pandion haliaetus (Linnaeus, 1758) from middle and north-western Poland. Wiadomošči Parazytologiczne 54 (4): 349-351
  •  Levron C., Sitko J. & Scholz T. 2009: Spermiogenesis and spermatozoon of tapeworm Ligulaintestinalis (Diphilobothriidea): philogenetic implications. Journal of Parasitology American Society of Parasitologist 95 (1) : 1-9
  •  Sitko J. & Okulewicz A. 2010: Checklist of the Nematodes of birds of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Museum Komenského v Přerově, p.o. 104 pp.
  •  Cilecka D., Salamatin R., Sitko J., Koryushin V.V., & Sulgostowska T. 2011: Fimbriaria czaplinskii Grytner-Ziecina, 1994 (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae): New hosts and geographical records from Poland, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Acta Parasitologica 56(1), 92–97.
  •  Literák I., Sitko J., Sychra O. & Čapek M. 2011: Cutaneous trematode Collyriclum faba in wild birds in Costa Rica. Helminthologia 48: 288–289.
  •  Sitko J. 2011: Checklist of the Acanthocephala in birds in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Museum Komenského v Přerově, p.o. 35 pp.
  •  Rzad I., Sitko J. Wysocki D. & Stepniewski K. 2011: Digenean trematodes from six species      of birds (Passeriformes, Piciformes and Strigiformes) from north-western Poland. Wiadomosci Parazitologiczne 57: 271–276.
  •  Okulewicz A. & Sitko J. 2012: Parasitic helminthes – probable cause of death of birds. Helminthologia 49, 4: 1-6, 2012
  •  Sitko J. 2012: Digenea of herons (Aves: Ciconiiformes) in the Czech Republic. Helminthologia 49, 1: 33-42, 2012
  •  Rzad I., Sitko J., Kavetska K., Kalishinska E., & Panicz R. 2012: Digenean communities in the tufted duck(Aythya fuligula L.,1785) and greater scaup (A.marila L.1761) wintering in the north-vest of Poland. Journal of Helminthology, Cambridge University Press 2012 doi:10.1017/S00222149X12000284
  •  Sitko J. & Zalesny G. 2012: The effect of urbanisation on helminth communities in Eurasian blackbird (Turdus merula L.) from the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Journal of Helminthology,Cambridge University Press 2012 doi:10.1017/S00222149X12000818


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