Rescue Station For Injured Animals ORNIS

This Station is situated within the area of Ornithological station. It was opened in 2008.

 We treat a slight injury, or take animal to veterinary surgeon. If the surgery is successful we take care about treated animals. After complete recovery, we set healthy animals free.


Contact on rescue team

Address: Bezručova 10, 750 02 Přerov

+ 420 581 219 910, + 420 724 947 543



Would you like to help in saving injured animals? 

You can contribute to help us by:

  • Financial donation
  • Pay in kind (for example: dog granule, cat tin)
  • Donation of special equipments


Who needs human care?

  • Animal with visible blood injury
  • Exhausted animal
  • Poisoned animal
  • Abandoned young ones

If you will find animal, which need help, please contact us.


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