During the all year you can visit our exposition called “Birds of Czech Republic” and have a relaxation time in “Bird Garden of František Ginter”, which is changing during the year according the season.

Birds of Czech Republic

Exposition consists of nearly 400 wild bird species ever found out in the Czech Republic. Every species is represented by several individuals. You can look at the differences in plumage between juveniles and adults, see sexual dimorphism in many passerines or compare phenotypically similar species. Unique is a part of the collection showing colour aberrances. In total, there are more than 1,050 specimens presented here.

hýl rudý sovice sněžná kormorán velký
hýl rudý sovice sněžná kormorán velký

Bird Garden of František Ginter

Surrounding area of ornithological station is named according to respected teacher, nature conservationist and founder of ornithological station, Mr. František Ginter. The garden is a suitable place for our ecological education programs and amateur gardeners club.


Ptačí zahrada F. Gintera - kruhový záhon Ptačí zahrada F. Gintera - pergola

Bird Garden of František Ginter

The outside exposition was set up due to the grant of the Olomouc Region. Arrangement of a garden was a part of the project “OK to Nature” supported by European Social Foundation.

The bird‘s linden

Woodcarving symposium took place at the ornithological station in the autumn of the year 2006. The group of woodcarvers changed the doddered linden standing in front of the entrance to station into work of art with relief of different bird species.

The living birds in the dead wood symbolise natural circle of life in which everything has its un-substitutable place. Unfortunately the wood sculpture fall down in 2011. Now its parts are renewed. After renovation, parts of linden will be used to decoration of station building.


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