Who are we, what you can find here?

We are the part (nature history department) of the Comenius Museum in Přerov oriented on the Ornithology. You can locate us in Bezručova street, the original site of the building of Moravian ornithological station. This station has been built by the enthusiasts from ornithological club in the thirties of the 20th century. Museum employers cooperate with Moravian ornithological club until these days.

Ornithological station is suitable place not only for professional and amateur ornithologists but also for common people interested in nature.


 We offer to you:

  • Tuition of several ecological educational programmes for schools and organised groups
  • Seasonal exhibitions
  • Field excursions into nearby naturally interesting localities
  • Lectures, not only ornithological but also about travelling around the world
  • Ecological advisory centre
  • Mushroom advisory centre
  • Rescue station for injured animals, medical treatment, rehabilitation
  • Outside exhibition “Bird garden” of František Ginter for relaxing and draw inspiration for your own garden
  • Exposition “Birds of the Czech Republic”- here you can see nearly all bird species living in our country


Zahradní slavnost 2009 - areál ORNIS
Garden party 2009 - grounds of ORNIS


This exposition contains nearly 400 bird species, whose occurrence was confirmed in the area of Czech Republic. Additionally, during the season from the beginning of April till the end of October you can visit our seasonal exhibition dealing with environmental or natural topics. Our the most popular activities are: The Night of Owls, Garden party, European Bat Night, Bird´s Festival or Christmas Tree. You can take part at ornithological or travelling lectures or bird-watching excursions visiting ornithological interesting places or guided tours in Michalov town’s park.

Our work

ORNIS is also a research centre. Scientists participate on professional research focused on bird parasitology (Dr. Jiljí Sitko), waterfowl migration, common bird census and bird ringing (Dr. Josef Chytil) and bird vocalisation (Dr. Lucia Turčoková). Students and general public can use our specialised ornithological library containing thousands of worldwide and native scientific and popular publications.

Museum pedagogue creates educational entertaining programmes for schools and public education actions. Due to interactive elements in exhibitions, amusing workshops and other not traditional methods and procedures, attendance of Ornithological station slightly increases annually. It moves about 6000 visitors per year.

 You can relax in our ORNIS garden, where we grow vegetables, herbs and condiments. The part of this garden is outside exposition of bird breeding boxes and feeders. In the close future we plan to construct aviaries for handicapped birds.

We also provide public-information ecological service during the working time (8 a.m. -  4 p.m). Side by side we every day render mushroom information service by our taxidermist Jiří Polčák.

One of the most used utility of the ornithological station is our rescue station for injured animals. When you find injured or weak animal, you can call us on the phone number: +420-724 947 543 or to bring it to the rescue station. We provide animals with medical care, follow up rehabilitation and recovery into the wild. 



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