Statutes of Hefaiston

The international gathering of artistic blacksmiths at Helfštýn Castle issued 1 January 2007.

The goal of the establishment of the get-together of artistic blacksmiths at Helfštýn Castle in the year 1982 was to allow visitors to the castle to gain an acquaintance with this artistic craft. The core idea involving the popularisation of artistic blacksmith art and the organisation of regular contact amongst artistic blacksmiths from throughout the world, is the main motive behind each of the yearly events and will continue to be. In light of the fact that a change came about in the umbrella organisation of Comenius Museum along with additional organisational changes, the statutes of Hefaiston are thereby updated herein.


The main organiser of Hefaiston is the Comenius Museum in Přerov, a non-profit organisation. The co-organisers are agencies providing sponsorship support for the event.

Venue: Helfštýn Castle

Date: Each year, always the final complete August weekend.

Event length: Hefaiston – blacksmith's day (Friday) with the participation of the public (Saturday, Sunday)


  1. The exhibition of  art items brought to the exhibition (friday - sunday)
  2. Demonstration of blacksmith art  (free materials and topics, 2 hours time limit)        
  3. Seminars (talks, information, offerings of production companies)


  1. The Museum provides an installation of art works.
  2. The Museum provides accommodation based on the requirements of the participants.
  3. Accommodation for the castle participant.
  4. The participants bring the items with them.
  5. Hefaiston can be participated in by workshops, companies and individuals working in the branch,  students and graduates of both secondary and university art schools.
  6. Each  properly registered work has the right to be exhibited. There is no established competition process.
  7. Selected companies offering their products for blacksmith art can participate in Hefaiston either as part of the seminars or in the form of presentations of their products in front of the castle.


  1. The participant receives an invitation on the basis of a properly filled out application. New applicants will be made part of the system and will automatically receive an invitation the following years. If the participant does not express any interest in Hefaiston over the following three years, their name will be removed from the address book.
  2. The invitation holder serves as an entrance ticket into the castle.
  3. The participant receives a parking card along with the invitation. Active participants (those exhibiting, demonstrating, the jury) have the right to enter the meadow in front of the castle or even into the castle for the time period necessary in order to load and unload items, publications, tools, etc. Parking of cars is at the designated car park of the Municipal Office of Týn n. B.
  4. Foreign participants will receive a confirmation for customs for the purpose of bringing in works and tools along with the invitation.
  5. After payment of the fee in the information centre (300 CZK), the participant receives a receipt and marketing materials (the magazine from Hefaiston from the previous year, posters …)
  6. Accompanying persons with the participant (family members, etc.) have to purchase a regular ticket at the cash desk and upon submitting this at the information centre, will receive a name tag for being on the grounds of the castle over the course of the entire three day event.
  7. Students in the discipline have entrance free of charge upon showing their identification cards.


  1. Hefaiston is a competitive exhibition of of artistic blacksmith art.
  2. The evaluating takes place through a two-level jury. The wider jury consists of app. 15 members from the specialists present, theoreticians and active blacksmiths who provide the bases for evaluation by the narrower jury which is named by the director of Comenius Museum in Přerov. The narrower jury usually consists of five members.
  3. Participants have to fully respect the independent decision making of the jury. There is no possibility to protest by legal means against the decision of the jury.
  4. If the time frame for the installation is not adhered to, the exhibited work will not be evaluated by the jury.
  5. The organiser has the right to make public and present all of the work at the exhibitions, in the press, in publications and have the right to publicise documentation.
  6. Student and apprentice work are awarded separately in the same categories. The demonstrated work is also evaluated separately.
  7. The jury evaluates items in the following categories:
  • a) Classic artistic blacksmith art.
  • b) Sculptural art and smaller statue work.
  • c) Jewels.
  • d) Weapons.
  • e) Damascus work
  • f) Metal cast work.

1st – 3rd prizes are awarded in all the  categories by the jury. Work can also be awarded with the special prize of an honourable mention. All prizes need not be granted in case of insufficient numbers in certain categories.

All those who exhibit and demonstrate their work will receive diplomas for their participation.

All those who demonstrate their blacksmith work receive a separate diploma and badge, the silver anvil.

The work created at Hefaiston will be given to Comenius Museum in Přerov and will become part of its collections of artistic blacksmith art according to the following rules:

 a) All of the awarded pieces will be included into the collections.

b) Additional demonstrated work will be included by the curator of the collections of artistic blacksmith art.

c) Works by artists who participate in the demonstrations for the first time will be automatically included into the collections.

d) Additional work will be made available to Comenius Museum as gift items for individuals upon special occasions (for example, jubilee visitors, for cooperation, etc.)


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