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Application form Hefaiston 2019

Helfštýn Castle, 23rd – 25th August 2019 

Send the filled in application form by 20th July 2019. 

I require:


Participants will pay a charge of 300 CZK when presenting in the information office in Helfštýn. The students of related fields will not pay the charge when they show a proof of studying. As for the firms with products for blacksmiths, the administration offices connected to the selling points will be arranged by management of the castle. However, the number of these selling points and the charge are set by Týn nad Bečvou. 

Application form exhibition of products

I apply for exhibition of my product:
Suggest the price and write your telephone number in case the product is for sale:
Way of installation:
Other exhibits:


The pieces of work delivered after 10pm on Saturday will not be included in the evaluation. 


I apply for accommodation
I prefer accommodation:
I will come by:


  • Te deregistration of the accommodation has to be done by Monday 17th August at the latest.
  • There will be an extra charge demanded after this date. 

Application form demonstration

I apply for demonstration
I will come:
The piece of work you are going to forge, or the title:


  • The workshop will take place on Friday 23rd August from 1pm to 4pm in a gallery on the second courtyard. It is necessary to apply for the contribution to the workshop by 3rd August at the latest. The maximum time for the contribution is 20 minutes.
  • Attach a short abstract of about ten lines to the application form in case you are going to have a presentation at the workshop. The text can be both in Czech or in the lan- guage of your lecture. We will arrange the translation of the abstract (Czech – English – German). This abstract will be a part of the workshop materials.
  •  Send the text of your lecture by 2nd August at the latest in case it is in a different lan- guage than Czech and in case you require the interpretation of your lecture. Send the materials connected to the workshop to
    e-mail: lauro@prerovmuzeum.cz



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