Visiting and operations guidelines for Helfštýn Castle

Article 1

Visiting hours

 Attention. We changed opening hours because of reconstruction on the ruin of Palace.

March 4  - March 26 Saturdays and Sundays  9 am - 4 pm
April 1 - April 30 from Thursday to Sunday   9 am - 5 pm
May 2 - August 31 from Thursday to Sunday 9 am - 6 pm
September 1 - October 29 from Thursday to Sunday 9 am -  5 pm
November 4 - November 26 Saturdays and Sundays 9 am - 4 pm
  • The building can also be visited upon prior agreement by group excursions during March (more than 30 persons ) on work days as well.

  • The final break is in the main season ( 1 May – 31 August) from 12:15  to 12:45.

  • The building is not open on Mondays or on days following a bank holiday or state holiday.
  • The guided tour of the castle lasts 50 minutes. The final guided tour begins 1 hour prior to closing time. The final entrance into the castle is allowed a half hour at the latest prior to closing time.

Article 2


1. The entrance free for the guided tour of the castle is as follows:

From 1 April to 31 October

  • CZK  60  adults

  • CZK 40  students, pensioners

  • CZK 30  primary school students 

From 1 March to 31 March

  • CZK 30   adults

  • CZK 20   students, pensioners, primary school students

Free of charge:

  • children up to 6 years of age, teachers accompanying a school excursion, handicapped
  • employees of historical building and monument care upon showing their cards, AMG,  ICOMOS, NPÚ and ZMS cards

2. Fee:

  • to an amount of CZK 20 for visitors who come during the noon break
  • at the final half hour prior to the closing of the castle in case of entering the exhibitions
  • during the season, but not during the working hours
  • to an amount of CZK 5 for entrance to the Wide castle with a guide
  • an extra fee to an amount of CZK 10 is charged for special group visits outside the season which are allowed by the management of the Comenius Museum
  • a fee to an amount of CZK 10, without regard to age, is charged for participants in parties, weddings and other celebrations who are not interested in the tour of the castle and exhibitions for the use of the space of the castle.
  • If visitors request entrance into the castle a half hour prior to closing, they will be informed at the cash desk that they will not be able to visit the upper part of the castle beyond the 3rd gate or the exhibition hall on the 2nd castle courtyard. If the visitor insists on entrance due to visiting, for example, the restaurant, they have to pay the entrance fee of an amount CZK 10 less than the full fee for the given age category.
  • After payment of the entrance fee, the visitor receives a ticket marked by the date. Visitors are obliged to keep the ticket throughout the entire tour and present it upon request.
  • The ticket is only valid for one visit to the grounds. The purchased ticket cannot be returned.
  • Payment may be made upon request by invoice in case of a group visit.
  • Upon request, the participant will be given a receipt to amount for goods higher than CZK 20.

Article  3

Guided tours of the cultural monument

  • Guided tours of the castle take place with a guide in groups of at least 10 visitors with the maximum number being 50 persons. The hours for the particular tours are listed at the cash desk or at another appropriate location. Exceptions to the above-presented rules are allowed by the management of the cultural monument.
  • Group visits can be arranged within the framework of the visiting hours on a certain day and hour only through written or telephone agreement ahead of time with the management of the cultural monument. If the ordered group does not appear at least 5 minutes prior to the agreed upon time, the right to the guided tour of the castle will be forfeit.
  • Tours in groups with a guide are only allowed along the established designated route and visitors are obliged to obey the instructions of the guide.
  • Children under 6 years of age are only allowed in the exhibition spaces in the interior  (exhibitions, exhibition hall) when accompanied by an adult.
  • Guided tours of the castle are cancelled during the organising of extensive cultural events (for example the castle ball, Hefaiston).

Article  4

Protection of cultural monuments and the safety of the collections

  • Visitors are obliged to respect the guidelines of the building employees. If the regulations or orders issued out of concern for the safety of visitors, protection of the buildings and the collections are not adhered to, the visitors will be immediately escorted off of the grounds of the castle without the return of their entrance fee. Visitors must also respect the generally valid regulations concerning safety.       
  • Individuals suspected of inebriation will not be allowed on the grounds.
  • It is forbidden to damage or harm the grounds in any manner, its collections or any other state or private property on the grounds.

The following items are expressly forbidden:

  • to touch the exhibited items
  • to write or paint on the walls or harm them in any fashion
  • to leave the designated path during the guided tour and distance themselves from the accompanied group
  • to disturb with noise (music, song, use of audio-visual receivers, loud talk and similar activities) the explanation by the guide, the cultural programme or in any manner disturb the visitors in the tour
  • to drink and eat in the interior, enter with ice cream, drinks, cigarettes, etc. Operate an open fire and light on the entire grounds, pick flowers, break the branches of trees and bushes, disturb birds and animals
  • to enter forbidden areas (walking along the battlements, etc.)
  • to drive vehicles (apart from loading and clearly marked exceptions) and bicycles on the grounds (apart from wheelchairs and children's prams) and park motor vehicles outside of designated areas
  • to allow dogs and other animals to run free
  • otherwise disturb the peace and order
  • taking photographs or filming of private persons is allowed if there is not a notice indicating a ban on photography.
  • Taking of photographs and filming for scientific, documentary, marketing or other purposes is allowed on the basis of a request by the Comenius Museum  in Přerov, p. o., Horní nám. 7, 750 11, Přerov
  • The management of the castle is not responsible for loss of misplaced items (cameras, bags, clothes, etc.).

Article 5

Final statements

Visitors may submit requests, thanks, complaints and suggestions on paper directly on site in the books of requests and complaints which is available at the cash desk or in the building office. Visitors also have the possibility to communicate with the organisation which administers the building either in person, on paper or by telephone: Comenius Museum in Přerov, Horní nám. 7, 750 11 Přerov, telephone: +420 581 215 052, e-mail:


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