Exhibitions of artistic blacksmith art

A unique collection of artistic blacksmith art is presented at a range of locations at Helfštýn Castle. The main centre for presentation consists of the permanent exhibitions situated in the basement spaces of the castle palace at the fourth courtyard.

Obří figura ze souboru Šachy

The administration of Helfštýn Castle has been involved in systematic collecting for almost thirty years. The collections initially consisted of items cast in metal during the blacksmith event Hefaiston. These items are specific in that their production in practice did not exceed the time frame of two hours. The number of these items already exceeds one thousand items. This part of the exhibition only contains the highest quality works. The given spaces do not make it possible to exhibit all of the valued or otherwise important works at the same time. For this reason the exhibition is changed each year. The permanent exhibitions are also supplemented by the more monumental compositions which are created at the blacksmith forum or obtained through purchasing of selected works, as gifts or as loans. A guarantee of the level of interest of the exhibitions consists of the authorial involvement by renowned artistic blacksmiths from the second half of the 20th century up to contemporary top quality work. The space is also dedicated to beginning artists and graduates from specialised educational institutions. The exhibitions also involve an awards ceremony for graduates and final work.


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