Courses in artistic blacksmith art at Helfštýn

The personality of the renowned master of artistic blacksmith art Alfred Habermann successfully attracted numbers of people who were interested in gaining an acquaintance with his work. The opportunity to see the master up close in person and learn something directly from him was also of interest for experienced blacksmiths.

The management of Helfštýn consequently decided to organise courses of artistic blacksmith art directly on the historical grounds of the castle. The interior of the former castle bakery has been adapted for the theoretical part of the course. The participants are provided with a facility for instruction, drawing and short lectures. A practical library focused on history, art history and the development of the craft and artistic blacksmith art serves to develop the theoretical knowledge of the participants.

The practical part of the course takes place in the Kravař courtyard. A smithy stood in this part of the castle from as early as the Middle Ages. The current appearance of the smithy is the result of reconstruction work from the second half of the 20th century. The equipment in the castle smithy amounts to a range of both hand and electronic tools and also serves to create an environment for work with current technologies in the core of the Medieval castle which creates a remarkable combination. 10 workplaces in all are prepared for the participants. One pair works directly in the smithy while the second pair stands under the porch with the rest assembled on the III castle courtyard. A forge is available under the above-mentioned porch which is of assistance when working with large profiles.

 We currently offer three particularly popular courses. These involve specialised techniques of blacksmith art which are not the regular standard in the curriculum at schools and apprentice institutions. We organise the following courses in cooperation with the talented successors of Prof. A. Habermann: Damascus forging (led by Jaroslav Brixi), production of tools (led by Karel Bureš) and Forging in Copper (led by Christine Habermann von Hoch ).

 New housing spaces in the so-called Mansard on the II castle courtyard have been built for the participants. The exterior of this annex fully corresponds with the architecture of Helfštýn. The interior is, however, a combination of modern architectural elements and the late Gothic castle system.

 All participants are thereby offered complete facilities.


All interested persons are warmly welcome.


image00038We´d like to open new special course in 2019. It´s an Animal sculpture course for advenced blacksmiths. more

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