Blacksmith art at Helfštýn

Each historical building has certain specific characteristics, being somewhat different from the other ones and consequently becoming of interest for various target groups. At Helfštýn Castle this is first and foremost connected up with artistic blacksmith art.

The most significant step for increased interest in the castle amongst the general public in the Czech Republic as well as abroad has been the organisation of exhibitions of the work of artistic blacksmiths with practical demonstrations of their art work in the year 1982. A specialisation thus came about at the castle creating conditions for the castle to become a  world centre of artistic blacksmith art over the course of 27 years. Activity in this area was gradually expanded in order to strengthen this tradition at Hefaiston and reconstruction work on certain structures was also undertaken for the same reason.

 A permanent exhibition of artistic blacksmith art was established in the basement of the palace in the year 1986/7 and expanded in the year 1999 with exhibitions of historical mints with replicas of Renaissance equipment. The smithy on the third courtyard was reconstructed in the year 1988 along with a blacksmith studio with a studio and a library in the reconstructed building of the former bakery in the year 1998. The international gathering of artistic blacksmiths, Hefaiston, was as of the year 1989 expanded by the Blacksmith Forum and as of the year 1999 by blacksmith courses organised under the leadership of Prof. A. Habermann. In addition, celebrated sculptures came about here created by Alfred Habermann and his colleagues for Palacký University in Olomouc (the year 2002) and a sculpture Hefaiston installed in Gresten Austria in the year 2004. Ch. Habermann, K. Bureš, J. Gargulák, J. Brixi and P. Tasovský took over leadership of the course after the death of Alfred Habermann (28 April 2008). Helfštýn Castle is gradually creating a collection fund from the area of artistic blacksmith art. The collections are enriched through purchases of renowned items, demonstrations at Hefaiston and sculpture art at the Blacksmith Forums. Comenius Museum has obtained amongst other things the impressive sculpture of Prometheus (author Pavel Krbálek, realization Pavel Tasovský) from the year 2002 and the Forged Chess Game (author of the design and realization Pavel Tasovský) in the year 2008 – a collection of chess figures which was listed in the book of Czech records as the largest functional forged chess board.


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After three years of repairs, the castle palace is opened to the public.


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