Non-Proft Organisation Helfštýn Castle

Information on the Non-Profit-Organisation Helfštýn Castle registered in the trade register of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

The Non-Profit-Organisation Helfštýn Castle (further only N.P.O.) came about through the transformation of the foundation of the same name. Its goals are clear: marketing Helfštýn on all levels, helping with the operations and financial side and providing services which are not possible for contribution-based organisations. A new contract on cooperation between the Comenius Museum in Přerov, (the administrator of Helfštýn) and representatives of N.P.O. Helfštýn Castle was signed at the turn of 2011. The primary idea behind the founding and activity of N.P.O. is simple: “To Unselfishly Support Helfštýn Castle”.

 Members of N.P.O. work at obtaining grants and support through addressing sponsors and when possible contributing personally to the development of the castle and its activities. This is all carried out in their free time without any form of remuneration. In this fashion both financial and material resources are acquired each year for reconstruction work or for enriching cultural events. N.P.O. supported the project for the reconstruction of the so-called Smoke Room in the year 2011. The space of the Poděbrad Tower on the palace courtyard will be adapted for the needs of the new archaeology exhibition. In similar fashion as in previous years, N.P.O. will be the main co-organiser, along with the Comenius Museum in Přerov, of the XIX. castle ball.


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