Brontosaurus volunteers

Maintaining such an extensive facility as Helfštýn would be almost impossible if it were not for a range of volunteers, friends and supporters of cultural buildings.

Observant visitors will immediately notice how well maintained Helfštýn always is. Keeping grounds with an overall area exceeding 21 thousand square metres in perfect condition involves a great deal of work and takes up a lot of time. The administration of the castle does have employees at its disposal whose job description involves being responsible for maintaining the grounds, however, managing everything is not possible for even the most hard-working personnel.

A range of volunteers have been visiting Helfštýn since the 1980s with these being connected with the Brontosaurus movement from the very first phase. At present, groups of a wide range of backgrounds help the management of the castle. These include various kinds of Scouts as well as people who know one another from either work or school. They dedicate their energy, free time and skills to Helfštýn almost each weekend over the course of the regular visitor's season. People of various age categories come to volunteer. The interest in participating in something worthwhile links a wide mix of individuals. They include craftsmen, businessmen, students, lawyers and people with various levels of education and professional orientation.

Their active participation in the so-called weekend events serves to help maintain the castle in a state which few other historical locales in the Czech Republic can boast of. The Bronosaurus volunteers (as all of the volunteers are called) even contributed to the largest construction adaptations to the castle architecture at the beginnings. At present, they are primarily involved in cleaning, helping with the operations and services during larger cultural events (including Hefaiston the international gathering of artistic blacksmiths), carrying out landscaping, doing minor repairs... The Bronosaurus volunteers, work of all kinds, would be an easy way to summarise things.

This is a locale for social gatherings, a space for self-realization, a means of solidifying both old and new friendships, the unbelievable atmosphere of a Medieval castle and the opportunity to participate in interesting cultural events. These are only a few of the reasons why the Bronosaurus volunteers are so eager to come to Helfštýn.

Thanks Jan Lauro, warden.


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