Visual arts

The collection is made up of items dating from the middle of the 17th century up to the present. The 17th century is only represented, however, by occasional artefacts primarily of a rustic character and regional level. The largest groups consists of items from the 19th and 20th centuries, usually of a Bohemian, Moravian, Austrian or German provenance. The collection began to come together from the beginning of the the founding of the Přerov Town Museum in the year 1902. It primarily involved random gifts and occasional purchases. The picture gallery activity of the final third of the 20th century was focused on works of a local provenance and consequently the core consists of items related to, in terms of origin, the person of an author or a means of acquisition, related to the  Přerov region.

The collection of visual art contains both paintings and sculptural art. The painting consists of paintings, drawings, studies, both classic and applied graphic art, prints and folk paintings on glass. The sculptural art involves free standing statues, reliefs, altar paintings, crosses, Calvary scenes and engravings. The works are made of wood, metal, ceramics as well as from wax and plaster. The core of the collections consists of works by regional artists of the 20th century (Augustin Mervart, Josef Baják, Vlastimil Kozák, Stanislav Krátký, Antonín Kubát, Julius Pelikán, František Mádle, Richard Uherek, Marcel Krasický, Marie Hlobilová – Mrkvičková, Vladimír Hornyak, etc.) and contemporaries (for example, Jan Chmelař, Eva Siblíková, Pavel and Věra Kotas, Milan Dobeš, Peter Markulček).

Apart from ecclesiastical paintings of the late Baroque, renowned works of older art include pieces from the Biedermeier period, drawings and bozzeto for the statue of Jan Blahoslav by František Bílek (the final work is situated in Přerov on the Upper Square opposite the building of the château) and various examples of EX LIBRIS from Přerov artists (Vl. Hornyak, L. Vlodek, M. Sum, E. Siblíková, V. Kotasová, P. Kotas), as well as others (M. Aleš, Fr. Bílek, P. Dillinger, J. Konůpek, Fr. Kobliha, Jos. Liesler, J. Švengsbír, E. Hlavica, K. Tondl, C. Bouda, A. Beran, V. Cinybulk, Jar. Lukavský, L. Kašpar, P. Šimon). Worthy of notice is also the painting Krajina (Landscape) by Otakar Nejedlý from the year 1897. The overall collection contains of 4,144 recorded numbers.

The collection is administered by Mgr. Kamil Lukeš, DiS. (Social Sciences Department).


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