The vexillologycollection was put together as part of the collectible fund of the Town Museum in Přerov as of its founding in the year 1902. It was not accumulated in a systematic fashion. 

The particular collectible items were obtained as random gifts and transfers. It is focused in terms of time period on the period of the 19th and 20th centuries. The vast majority of the collectible fund is of a regional provenance, within the territorial range of Přerov. The highest percentage of representation is from the town of Přerov. 

Předměty sbírky

The collection consists of banners and to a lesser degree flags and standards with occasional banner streamers. They largely consist of symbolic items connected with associations.

Amongst the most important collectible items in terms of history is the banner of the choir association Přerub in Přerov from the year 1864, the banner of the Sokol Central Moravian district of Kratochvíl from the year 1932 and the banner of the Czechoslovak Community of Legionaries of Přerov from the 1930s.

The modest-sized vexillology collection amounts to 66 recorded numbers of collectible items. 

The collection is administered by Mgr. Petr Sehnálek (Social Sciences Department).


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