The Lipník Fund

The collection came about on an occasional basis with the first stage around the year 1901, the second around the year 1927 and the third around 1970, always in connection with an attempt to establish a museum. The museum was finally established in the year 1971 as a branch of the former Natural Science Institute.

At present the actual Museum is not functional and its collection fund is administered by the Comenius Museum in Přerov. The collection consists of items from the period of the 18th - 19th centuries, with the oldest period being represented by only unique, rustic Baroque sculptures.

Items in the collection

These are primarily items of regional importance, collected and serving the region of Lipnik. There are also occasional items in the collection from the areas of Moravia, Bohemia and Silesia. The collection consists of modest-sized varied collectible items which do not have the character of organised collections.

These primarily consist of particular art-history collectible items, historical furniture, ethnographic  material, tin items and clocks. Amongst the most significant items are the collection of Art Nouveau furniture from the beginning of the 20th century. The collection contains 598 recorded collectible items (registration numbers).

The collection is administered by Mgr. Petr Sehnálek (Social Sciences Department).


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