Teaching aids

The collection contains items which were used for teaching at all types and levels of schools from the final third of the 19th century up to the present. The majority of the collected items are from the Czech Republic or were produced in former Czechoslovakia. The collection contains teaching aids from the area of all of Central Europe, first and foremost Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia and of course Slovakia.

The division of the collectible items into particular groups and categories is relatively extensive for these collections. The basis of the division is given by the teaching item which it is designated for, and further for the areas which this item concerns. The most extensive are physics textbooks where the collectible item can be further divided into 18 sub-groups (Dimensions and Weights, Geo-mechanics, Astronomy, Hydro-mechanics, Air-mechanics,  Vibrations,  Waves, Acoustics,  Thermal Physics, Meteorology,  Magnetism, Electrostatics, Electrocinetics, Gas discharges, Atomic physics, Electric Waves and Vibrations, Radio and Television Technology, Optics). The collection contains, apart from traditional three-dimensional aids, groups of applications, reversal film, slides, records, magnetic tape and cassettes, 16 mm films, cassette films and bows, placards and in certain cases methodological texts, instructions and patterns for their production. The natural science part also contains dermoplastic mounts (stuffed animals), mounts cast in liquid, animal horns, antlers, entomological boxes and additional examples of both animate and inanimate nature. Didactic technology is a significant group and consists of: projection machinery, reversal film projectors, opaque projectors, teaching machines, tape recorders, record players, aids for automatic machines. The collection also maps out the area of pre-school education including the items used such as (toys, blocks, games, puppets, hand puppets, puppet theatre sets). A smaller section of the collection also consists of smaller school items (pencil cases, pens, pencil sharpeners, stands, slate tablets, table rulers, school bags) as well as, for example, busts of politicians or musical instruments.

A number of items from this collection can be found in the exhibitions of historical school classrooms in the Přerov Museum. The aids situated in the exhibitions of classrooms and teacher's desks of town schools from the period of Austria-Hungary is also an important part of the collection as a whole. As of December 2015, the collection contained 7,465 recorded items in all. The collection fund was acquired gradually starting in the 1960s, primarily in the form of transfers and gifts from Czech and Moravian schools. Additional collecting is taking place at present along with supplementing to the already existing items. Cooperation offered by particular schools, related organisations as well as by the actual producers is very highly appreciated. Gifts by supporters and visitors to the Museum are also common since many families keep their mementos from their school days for a number of years. 

The collection is administered by Lubomír Vyňuchal (Social Sciences Department). 


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