The collection of seals and stamps began to be formed immediately after the founding of the Town Museum in Přerov in the year 1902. It expanded through random collecting while part was transferred into the museum collections from the former town archive housed in the château building in the year 1932.

The collection is framed time-wise by the periods of the 17th - 20th centuries with the 17th century only represented by occasional items. The provenance of the collectible items is given by the areas of the collecting activity of the Museum with its focus on the Přerov region. 

Items in the collection

The collection consists of seals and stamps originating from the office activities of Přerov guilds, town offices and associations as well as organisations with their activity within the territory of the town. There are also occasional seals from municipalities in the vicinity of Přerov. A silver seal of the town of Přerov from the 18th century and seals of Přerov guilds from the 17th and 18th centuries rank among the most significant collectible items.

The branch collection of sigillography contains 163 recorded collectible items (registration numbers).

The collection is administered by Mgr. Lubor Maloň (Social Sciences Department).


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