School maps

This consists of a specialised collection of school maps. The core part consists of wall slatted maps (natural science, geography and history) and wall plans of towns. 

There are also various small hand and contour maps and facsimiles of historical maps, unique transport, hiking, military or town maps.

The oldest maps were issued in the 1880s and 1890s with the majority consisting of maps from the 20th century. The core of the fund was created by collecting from schools from the beginning of the 1970s and at present the collection is systematically supplemented by contemporary production from schools and gifts of old maps from all types of schools.

The collectible items, 1,074 recorded items (registration numbers), primarily originated in the Czech Lands (Czech maps), and are supplemented by maps in German used in local schools in the Austria-Hungary period and during the Protectorate.

Předměty sbírky

The collectible items are part of the museum exhibition consisting of period reconstructions of school classrooms and are sometimes lent to circulating school exhibitions of the Museum. Researchers have the opportunity to study the materials on site. The documentation of the collections is carried out gradually. At present, coordination is taking place with additional specialised museum collection – maps.

The collection is administered by Mgr. Jarmila Klímová (Social Sciences Department).


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