School furniture and equipment

The collection of school furniture  and equipment contains items which were used in all types and levels of schools from the middle of the 19th century up to the present. Replicas of period furniture were produced for equipping the classrooms from the 17th century in the museum joiner's workshop.

All of the collectible items originate from the territory of the Czech Republic. The majority of the collection consists of various kinds and types of school benches, as well as desks, tables, boards, board stands, cupboards, shelves, coat hangers, changing room benches, stands for maps and school paintings, music stands, plant stands or even easels. There are also wood stoves, vanity tables with equipment, ceiling lights, lamps, tin hanging signs as well as school door signs. The collection also contains smaller items such as crucifixes, school bells, rubbish bins, ink pots, candlesticks, spittoons, pointers, switches as well as, for example, Pioneer troupe banners and standards.

The most significant part of the collection (approximately a fourth) is part of the four permanent exhibitions of period school classrooms in the Přerov Château.

As of December 2015, the collection contained 388 recorded items (registration numbers). The collection was acquired over the course of time from the 1970s, first and foremost in the form of transfers and gifts from Moravian schools. Part of the collection, housed in the depositories, is often made use of for preparing various school exhibitions in other museums or at times lent as accompanying programmes on the occasion of celebrations of significant anniversaries of particular schools. Each offer of a supplement to the collection is specifically welcomed from their side. 

The collection is administered by Lubomír Vyňuchal (Social Sciences Department).


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