Extensive collection of the bird’s eggs.

Together with the collection of National Museum and Moravian Regional Museum belongs to the most extensive collections in Czech Republic.

Oological collection comes from the region of Czech Republic, mainly from the wild living birds, from the small part it consists of the birds keeping in ZOO. One collection includes eggs collected on expedition on Island (collection of Z. Klůz). Collection contains 12 600 eggs from 465 bird species.


Eggs were collected as by product of research until the 1990. Nowadays we are collecting eggs from abandoned nests. The most important private collections were obtained from Zdeněk Klůz (1980) and Jiří Toufar (1983). Many eggs we received from the MOS members. The egg collection form Island is exceptional, such as the most numerous collection of Black-headed Gull documenting large differences in colour and size of eggs of this species. 


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