Numismatics – Phaleristics

The collection came about through unsystematic random collecting, in particular gifts from the founding of the Town Museum in Přerov in the year 1902. 

The largest additions came about in the 1930s in connection with the response to the Central Moravian exhibition in Přerov in the year 1936. The collection was added to by a collection of medals from the deceased František Venclovský, which were a gift to the Museum from his wife Pavlína Venclovská, in the year 1999.

In terms of time period, the collection is focused on the periods of the 19th - 20th centuries. The collection consists of items which originated within the territories of Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia a Slovakia, and to a lesser extent from Germany and Austria. A relatively large part consists of collectible items which originated in the Přerov region. 

Items in the collection

The specialised collection of phaleristics mostly consists of commemorative medals and badges, and to a lesser extent decorations. From a regional perspective, those items which have a connection to the Přerov region, either in terms of their creation, the person of the author or a connection with an event which took place in the region, are the most important in the collection.

The medals created by the Přerov native Josef Baják rank among the most valuable in the collections along with the medals created on the occasion of the national ethnographic exhibition in Přerov in the year 1893 and the Central Moravian exhibition in the year 1936.

The collection contains 1,190 recorded collectible items (registration numbers) in all.

The collection is administered by Mgr. Petr Sehnálek (Social Sciences Department).


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