The majority of collection consists of 2 614 items of minerals and rocks. The rest of collection are fossils.

The biggest part of mineral-geological collection kept in Comenius Museum was acquired in 1935 from Ing. A. Němec, the director of Central Moravian power station in Přerov. Another 247 items were donated to museum by F. Zedek. Exposition is arranged in mineralogical system, including chemical elements such as sulphates, oxides, silicates, carbonates and others. From the rarest items you can see forms of silicon dioxide (crystal, amethyst, agate and so on), garnet, opal, scolecite from Island, aragonite, gypsum in the shape of desert rose from Morocco, cyclic iron pyrite from United States, limestone with dendrites from Germany, rocks of organic origin (for example amber) and so on. 

Minerals and rocks were collected in Czech Republic and Slovakia and also in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North and South America.  Flaky gold comes from Slovakian town Kremnica, aragonite from Sicilia, sulphur from Pyrenees, diamonds from Africa,rhodochrosite from Romania, copper from United States,chalcopyrite from United Kingdom,galenite from Germany, pyrite from Greece,chalcedony from Brazil,  lazurite from Afghanistan and so on. The part of collection from F. Zedek comes from Europe and USA.

Ing. Alois Němec lived form 1886 to 1959. The majority of collection was gathered in the period from1910 to 1935. Exhibits were acquired directly on deposit.

František Zedek, born in Sobíšky village near to Přerov, donated to Comenius Museum smaller part of mineral collection in the year 2000. His collected items come from the period 1950 – 1990.



Sbírku spravuje RNDr. Josef Chytil, PhD. (Ornitologická stanice).


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