This consists of a specialised collection of periodicals with an educational-instructive and didactic focus, designated for the needs of teachers, students, specialised pedagogical and school employees, parents and instructors. 

Periodicals, which teachers either contributed to or edited to a great extent are also included in the collection along with magazines aimed at children and young people. The oldest newspapers and magazines date back to the first half of the 19th century, with the majority consisting of collectible items from the 20th century and which are further supplemented by selected, contemporary published works. The majority of the periodicals come from the Czech Lands, and are primarily in the Czech, Slovak and German languages.


The collection contains more than 600 titles of magazines, newspapers and periodical collections. The oldest Czech pedagogical journals Přítel mládeže (Friend to Youth) (1823–1848), Posel z Budče (Courier from Budeč) (1848–1851, 1870–1909), Škola a život (School and Life) (1855–1889), Učitelské listy (Teachers' Pages) (1867–1888) are an important part of the collections. The collection contains among other things a complete range of the periodical Komenský (Comenius) (from the year 1873) and Učitelské noviny (Teacher's News) (from the year 1893).

An important part consists of bulletins of the Ministry of Education and bulletins of teaching professional and regional organisations. The collection contains 10,361 items (registration numbers). The periodicals are exhibited in museum exhibitions, but are primarily designated for study and research purposes. The collection only functions as a research library.

The collection is administered by Mgr. Jarmila Klímová (Social Sciences Department).


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