The collection of historical clocks began to be developed after the founding of the Town Museum in Přerov in the year 1902. 

The collection was focused from the beginning on the Přerov region. A significant part (100 pieces) came from the private collections of the collector Rudolf Vanýsek and were obtained for the Museum by a purchase in the years 1937 - 1940. The collection is limited in terms of time period to the 17th - 20th centuries.

The collection was not created systematically but grew through random purchases, gifts and legacies in the regions of the territorial activity of the Museum. The great majority of the obtained collectible items are Bohemian, Moravian or of an Austrian provenance. Only on an occasional basis was the producer a regional clockmaker or a producer of cabinets.

Items in the collection

The collection consists of clocks, hanging clocks, wall clocks, desk clocks and pocket watches, mostly of a local level of quality. A relatively large groups consists of folk “country” wall clocks with painted front plates. A significant number consist of producers working under the influence of the Viennese clock centre. Collections of burgher painting and framed wall clocks and portal table clocks from the the first half of the 19th century are housed in the collection.

The torso of a clock of the tower type from the 17th century ranks among the most renowned collectible items. In terms of documentation, the clocks from the Přerov railway station from the end of the 19th century are of particular interest.

233 registration numbers recorded collectible items are in the collection.

The collection is administered by Mgr. Radim Himmler (Director of Museum).


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