Calendars, yearbooks and almanacs

The collection funds were accumulated at the beginnings of the Přerov Comenius Museum, although the essential part was obtained after the year 1960 in the form of transfers and gifts from various schools and museum institutions.

Items in the collection

The collection contains calendars, yearbooks and almanacs from approximately the second half of the 19th century up to the present, with the majority of them originating from the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany and to a smaller extent from other European countries.


The collection can be divided into three areas: teaching calendars and yearbooks, calendars and almanacs of interest associations and groups, school almanacs (lists of teachers and pedagogical employees in the given years for particular types of schools and specified localities).

State of the collections: 907 recorded items (registration numbers).

Researchers have available a list of the collections in both a printed and electronic form.

The collection is administered by Lubomír Vyňuchal (Social Sciences Department).


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