Archive items and documentation on the history of schooling and Comenius related material

The collection contains written items which came about starting in the 17th century, with, however, the largest
amount dating from the period from the middle of the 19th century up to the present. The origin of the majority of the collected materials can be attributed to the territory of the Czech Republic. A number of the written items were purchased by the founder of the Museum František Slaměník for his own collections while the remainder were acquired later as gifts from either individuals or schools or also through purchases.

The collection primarily contains written materials of a varied character. The largest part consists of more than 85 legacies left by teachers and the archive funds of educational institutions and organisations. Another type of written material consists of hand or type written manuscripts of as yet unpublished source materials (for example, memoirs by teachers, diaries or school chronicles) and unpublished studies. A further category involves a collection of dissertations which are thematically linked to the history of education and Comenius studies. A separate part of the collections consists of a file of school documentation. These are primarily school grades, student notebooks, classroom books, school bags, school schedules and written work. The collection also contains photographs of both students and teachers, school notices, school buildings and classroom equipment. Yet another area consists of medals, badges and posters on the motif of John Amos Comenius or memorial posters of schools. The collection also has video cassettes with documentary films and small written and printed material concerning Comenius.

Amongst the rarest collected items are the manuscripts of two letters by John Amos Comenius from the 1660s, the marriage register book for the town of Přerov with the marriage contract of John Amos Comenius, manuscripts of Karel Čapek, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, the papers of the national revivalist Daniel Sloboda, the founder of the Museum František Slaměník, the custodian of the Museum and propagator of Esperanto Josef Krumpholc, the teachers Vilém Trylč, Emanuel Strnad, Vladimír Konvička, Josef Dostál, Rudolf Vanýsek, Josef Müller and a number of others. The School of Education at Ostrava University donated a collection of dissertations and the Archive of the History of Teaching to the Museum in the year 1996.

The collection contained 20,471 recorded items (registration numbers) in all in December 2015. Although the collection is often made use of by researchers carrying out studies of the biographies of particular renowned teachers, it still has considerable increased potential for scholars interested in the development of education and its particular aspects, for example, the development of school notebooks, school grading and classification. These sub-collections can only be studied on the premises. A printed inventory of processed posthumous papers is available for researchers.

The collection is administered by Mgr. Helena Kovářová (Social Sciences Department). 


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