School furniture and equipment

The collection of school furniture  and equipment contains items which were used in all types and levels of schools from the middle of the 19th century up to the present. Replicas of period furniture were produced for equipping the classrooms from the 17th century in the museum joiner's workshop. more

School paintings

This consists of the largest and most complete collection of didactic school paintings in a museum in the Czech Republic. It contains 10,112 recorded numbers paintings, primarily from the Czech Lands, supplemented by originally German and Austrian paintings used in local schools up to the year 1918 and to a smaller extent Russian paintings from the 1950s. The vast majority of the school wall (didactic) paintings which have been incorporated into the painting collection are of A4 format along with reproductions of art works which serve for decorating schools and photographic portraits of politicians and of school boards. Apart from prints (printed paintings), the collection contains an impressive selection, unique in museums, of 860 original works of school paintings (drafts for prints) from the years 1904–1990 which were obtained by the Museum from the disbanded state organisation Komenium Praha as well as through paintings created by teachers themselves. more

Teaching aids

The collection contains items which were used for teaching at all types and levels of schools from the final third of the 19th century up to the present. The majority of the collected items are from the Czech Republic or were produced in former Czechoslovakia. The collection contains teaching aids from the area of all of Central Europe, first and foremost Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia and of course Slovakia. more


The textbooks were part of the fund of the original Comenius Museum. At present the collection documents textbook production from the 19th century up to the present. more

Umělecké kovářství

Svým rozsahem a náplní patří sbírka uměleckého kovářství uložená na Helfštýně ke světovým unikátům. Sbírka se každoročně rozšiřuje o desítky uměleckých prací. Nyní čítá přes 1100 kovářských exponátů z celého světa. more

Applied art, artistic industry, artistic crafts and folk production

The collection consists of items, originating from the period from the 17th century up to the present, with the largest number being represented by the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. more


The collection was created non-systematically through occasional collections, primarily gifts starting at the founding of the Town Museum in Přerov in the year 1902.  more


The vexillologycollection was put together as part of the collectible fund of the Town Museum in Přerov as of its founding in the year 1902. It was not accumulated in a systematic fashion.  more

Annual reports

The collection fund was accumulated at the beginnings of the original Přerov Comenius Museum, while parts were obtained via transfers and from Moravian schools, museums and additional institutions.  more

Visual arts

The collection is made up of items dating from the middle of the 17th century up to the present. The 17th century is only represented, however, by occasional artefacts primarily of a rustic character and regional level. The largest groups consists of items from the 19th and 20th centuries, usually of a Bohemian, Moravian, Austrian or German provenance. The collection began to come together from the beginning of the the founding of the Přerov Town Museum in the year 1902. It primarily involved random gifts and occasional purchases. The picture gallery activity of the final third of the 20th century was focused on works of a local provenance and consequently the core consists of items related to, in terms of origin, the person of an author or a means of acquisition, related to the  Přerov region. more

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