The collection contains written items which came about starting in the 17th century, with, however, the largest
amount dating from the period from the middle of the 19th century up to the present. The origin of the majority of the collected materials can be attributed to the territory of the Czech Republic. A number of the written items were purchased by the founder of the Museum František Slaměník for his own collections while the remainder were acquired later as gifts from either individuals or schools or also through purchases. more


The archaeology collection contains, in terms of chronological perspective, items which came into existence or were collected as a result of human activity from the older stone age from the early stone age, through the middle and later stone age, the bronze age, La Tène culture, the Roman period, the Middle Ages up to the Early Modern period (to the end of the  17th century). more

Archive documentation

The collection contains items primarily from the period of the middle of the 19th century up to the present and mostly come from the Přerov region, that is the town of Přerov and the Přerov district, as well as from the close vicinity of the neighbouring districts.  more

Tin Items

The collection began to be created at the beginning of the 20th century in connection with the founding of the Town Museum in Přerov in the year 1902. It was expanded by numerous gifts and acquisitions in particular in the 1920s and 1930s and from occasional collections. It was consequently added to in the 1970s with an extensive collection of tin dishes from the château in Rokytnice near Přerov. more


This consists of a specialised collection of periodicals with an educational-instructive and didactic focus, designated for the needs of teachers, students, specialised pedagogical and school employees, parents and instructors.  more


Entomologickou sbírku tvoří hmyz a jeho vývojová stádia, umístěna ve 192 entomologických krabicích. Celý soubor obsahuje více než 9 000 druhů v celkovém počtu 22 433 jedinců. more

The Lipník Fund

The collection came about on an occasional basis with the first stage around the year 1901, the second around the year 1927 and the third around 1970, always in connection with an attempt to establish a museum. The museum was finally established in the year 1971 as a branch of the former Natural Science Institute. more

The Tovačov Collection

The collection began to emerge immediately after the founding of the Museum in the year 1937. The remains of the furnishings of the Tovačov Château came here after the year 1945. The greatest attention was paid to the obtaining of ethnographic material. The collection began to focus on agricultural machines and tools in the 1970s.  more

Photographs, films, video recordings and other media

The collection contains photographs from the period of the end of the 19th century up to the present, primarily originating in the Přerov region, that is the town of Přerov and the district of Přerov as well as the immediate surroundings which are actually part of the neighbouring districts. There are also film recordings of certain events and places in Přerov of the 20th century.  more

Historical cartography

The collection contains maps, plans and vedutas from the 16th up to the 20th centuries which were published in various countries of Europe (the Czech Republic, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, etc.). more

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